The week is getting away from me! I was supposed to draw a winner yesterday for the basket based on who submitted a review to Amazon, but I lost track of days.

I need to work on my structure, routine, and goal setting. Getting my life in align with work, home, body, mind, and spirit takes work but I give myself grace and keep moving forward.

I’m getting in touch with some IT tomorrow and soon you will see a revamped web page! I’ve decided to reach out to get help as I can’t do it alone and technology and I don’t always get along.

My hopes for the website are to make struggles and strengths more interactive, share where I’ll be in future events, and define what my goals are and how I can walk beside you to help you reach your goals.

Thank you to all who have read Mysterious Ways and thank you to the 14 people who wrote a review on Amazon! So without further drag out, the winner is LAURIE THEIN! Thank you to all!

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Heather Groth is an advocate for mental health and the importance of foster care and adoption. She is a speaker, life coach, author, wife, mom, and most important child of God. She resides with her family in rural Iowa.

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