Smiley Faces 🙂

As I picked up my water glass while meeting with a friend I noticed a water ring on the table. As I looked a little closer it was a smiley face! I laughed to myself, “God sent me a smiley face!”

I have played this game since I was little, and still do to this day. I look for smiley faces. When I was young, I would find them in the grain of the woodwork in our farm corn crib, or the dust of the cow feed. I’d find smiley faces in the snow, made out of small sticks and dirt, or in the bark of a tree. These faces have to be composed of at least eyes and a mouth to be considered a smiley face in my game.

These faces have given me hope to keep smiling through tough times.  I like to smile and spread encouragement to others. Smiles can show kindness and love through a simple gesture.

“SMILE-Showing Mankind Inconceivable Love Everyday” © They are smiley faces from God! I like to believe that is God smiling on you and we can spread that same love to each other.

Always look for the smiley faces! 

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Heather Groth

Heather Groth is an advocate for mental health and the importance of foster care and adoption. She is a speaker, life coach, author, wife, mom, and most important child of God. She resides with her family in rural Iowa.

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