Raising kids is hard. Do you ever make a set of rules only to discover that it doesn’t work well for your kids? Do you find that you are always second guessing yourself or changing the way that you parent? I do at least. I am finding every day I am learning new things about myself and about my kids. I’m finding that one set of rules may work for one, but not another. As my children grow and form their personalities, I find that I am growing and forming too. I have to adapt my rules or expectations for my kids because I love them, want them to succeed, and want what is best for them.

I read in a book recently that the author was having a hard time calling themselves a Christian because of the strict rule that Christ is the only path to God. Yet this author is madly in love with God and showing others how to be the best version of themselves and have a relationship with Him. This inspired my thinking as a parent and a child of God. What if, God saw that we couldn’t conform to his original rules? The Old Testament sets some strict rules that people like to recite and hold against others.

What about the New Testament? Maybe God saw that his rules needed to change or adapt with his changing and forming children. So he sent Jesus and therefore the New Testament was created. The new rules. John 14:16 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Is Jesus saying that God knows that we will fail if we only follow the Old Testament? Maybe it means that through the New Testament, the new rules, through Jesus, we can make it to the Father.

Why would God do that? Why would God change the rules? I believe God would adapt His rules because we are His children and He loves us, wants us to succeed, and what is best for us.

Disclaimer: I am not a theologist nor do I pretend to be. These are just my deep thoughts.

Keep smiling friends J

Much love, Heather Groth

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Heather Groth

Heather Groth is an advocate for mental health and the importance of foster care and adoption. She is a speaker, life coach, author, wife, mom, and most important child of God. She resides with her family in rural Iowa.

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