This is a real review for Mysterious Ways! Happy and hopeful that this series will help a lot of people. Keep smiling, God bless.
“I just finished reading, Mysterious Ways, your first book in the Struggles and Strengths series. I had started it at the writer’s conference back in February and was hooked then, but life…. I grabbed it from my reading stack yesterday late afternoon and I literally could not stop turning the pages. Other than supper, some family time, and the bedtime routine for all, I didn’t put it down. Finished it at 3:30 this morning. Thank you for sharing your journey, your hardships, your praises, and your heart. Keep writing, friend!
I am an adoptive mom of sibling group so this book grabbed my heart for many reasons. The author shared her hopes and heartache, mental health maneuvers, and her journey through struggles, finding strength along the way. Throughout this book you want to cheer for her, cry with her, hug her, and celebrate the steps forward. Adoptive parents will have different stories and different paths, as well as some similarities too, but the journey of healing trauma, building relationships, desiring mental heath access, help, and understanding, and helping our kids move from a place of hurt and fear to a place of trust and hope is where we can find ourselves together, needing inspiration, encouragement and our own healing, hopeful, courageous steps forward.”